Introducing CellRepo, the first Version Control System for Synthetic Biology


Ensuring proprietary biological assets carry secure ownership and provenance information


Setting the international standard for version control and biological asset integrity


Enabling collaboration between governmental, commercial, academic and NGO entities

Mission Statement

We will set the global standard in the management of provenance and integrity for biological assets; enabling the potential of synthetic biology to be realised worldwide


Traceability, transparency, and ultimately trustworthiness are required from cradle to grave for engineered cell lines. We will utilise our proprietary DNA Barcodes to ensure the absolute integrity of biological assets - proof of ownership, clear records of provenance and robust traceability


Biological assets already underpin many key industries and their importance is accelerating. Synthetic biology is a key focus area for UK Research & Innovation. It involves the study and manipulation of genomes to optimise biological assets for their intended use

Full-stack Platforms

Full-stack biotechnology platforms for cell line (re) programming are on the horizon, thanks mostly to (a) advances in gene synthesis techniques as well as (b) the growing integration of life science research with informatics, the internet of things, and automation. These emerging platforms will accelerate the production and consumption of biological products

Our People

Alastair Orr Ewing

Chief Executive Officer

Natalio Krasnogor

Chief Technology Officer

Nadia Rostami

Chief Scientific Officer

Leanne Hobbs

Chief Digital Officer

Annunziata Lopiccolo

Technical Lead

Gilly Wang

Microbiology Scientist

Natalie Partridge

Policy & Regulatory Analyst

Saransh Saxena

Bioinformatics Scientist

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